Waiting for the Interurban 05

The dog (rumored to have Armen Stepanian's face)

This cast aluminum sculpture, installed in 1979 near the Fremont Bridge, shows six people (and one dog with a man's face) waiting at the transit stop. It is the target of frequent "art attacks," and it is common to see the figures dressed up in outfits ranging from the harmless (University of Washington Huskies garb) to the politically charged (bags over their heads after the Iraq prison scandals in 2005.)

Artist Richard Beyer was on the Fremont Arts Council at the time, and since no sculptors stepped up to do the project he did it himself.

A bit of Seattle Urban legend says that Armen Stepanian, an aluminum recycler and one-time honorary mayor of Fremont, disagreed with the decision for Beyer to do the sculpture himself. The project went forward, of course, and Mr. Stepanian found himself immortalized as the face of the canine member of the statue.

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