Victoria, BC is a popular destination for Seattlites. The city is on the souther tip of Vancouver Island, near the San Juan Islands, north and west of Seattle. The state ferries as well as the Victoria Clipper go between Seattle and Victoria.

Victoria is known for having the mildest climate in Canada, yet people still bitch and whine about the weather because they have very little to do. It has less rain than Vancouver or Seattle year round.

Victoria is a little city that is just as expensive as Vancouver, without any big-city benefits. Many people there are snobby and pretencious, because to own a house in most areas of Victoria, you need to be a millionaire.

Lots of slutty university girls are out on the town, spending money which their dads sent them for groceries and rent, on ecstasy and condoms. That is one of the major cool things about Victoria. If you can't get laid in Victoria you are probably gay or disfigured.

Victoria Police are ass holes who didn't make the cut for the RCMP, and they will beat you down hard.

Greater Victoria has a population approching 400,000 and is the second biggest city in the province of British Columbia.

Victoria is considered by a lot of stupid people to be the most beautiful city in the world.

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Does it say more about the Seattlites that want to go there than the REAL people of Victoria?

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