Hi Brandalone! Thanks for registering and starting to add content. Good to have you here! If you have ideas on how to get more people using SeattleWiki, please visit the spreading the word page. You can also visit the coffee shop for general discussion.

-- matias

Cool, I want to hear about those ideas! You can email me at matias at, and/or you can put them up in the spreading the word discussion, so other people can also see them and comment.

Thanks, matias

Hey Brandalone, I noticed you created a bunch of neighborhood article stubs. It's awesome that you are adding so much content so quickly, thanks!. However we should be careful when adding too many mostly-empty stubs, since new users that visit for the first time might think the whole site is like that and get disappointed. It might be better to create just one or two neighborhood pages with more content, and then let other people create pages for other neighborhoods when they want to. Anyway, it's just a suggestion :)

matias 21:29, 10 Jul 2004 (CDT)

Hey James,

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for your excitement about SeattleWiki and all your contributions so far! I like your ideas and am happy that you want to aggresively market SeattleWiki. I agree with your comments about the Main page too; I'll work on re-arranging it a little.

--matias 18:08, 12 Jul 2004 (CDT)

Hey James,

Thanks again for adding all the content. I noticed you created a couple of templates, for athletic websites and news websites. I think it may be better not to use templates for those, because it makes editing them a bit more awkward. I had done that for the Current Events page so it could be both in the Main Page and in its own, but I think in general it's better to avoid using templates like that.

In any case, the Useful Websites page may eventually go away in favor of articles for most of those. Similarly, I think it may be better for the Things to Do page to have more links to actual pages rather than just links, although I agree that for now it's better to have links than nothing else. I'm putting some more comments on that in it's discussion page. Let me know what you think. -- matias 22:24, 18 Jul 2004 (CDT)

Hey James, Sorry it took me a while to respond to your last comment. I see your point in that the new Things to do page is a bit more "austere". I just though it might make things a bit easier to navigate for new users. I was hoping there'd be a bit of discussion in that page about the change, but the site has been pretty quiet lately. Time to put out those flyers! -- matias 13:47, 23 Jul 2004 (CDT)

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