Born in 1967 and still not dead. Lived in or around Portland, Oregon until 2000. Lived in Bellevue for 6 months, then moved to the vicinity of Boston, got sick of the miserable weather, cranky people, insane drivers and distance from my family, and moved back (to Bellevue) at the end of 2004.

My Wikipedia home page is at and my home page is at

I am vegan and live without a car, so I'm hoping to document my experiences and local resources for doing so.

To Do list and notes Edit

Veg resources: veg restaurants. What happened to Earthsave Seattle?? Eastside Vegan Meetup

Bike activism: Bellevue bike/ped advisory group. Carfree Seattle Meetup.

Yoga links (found in my futile search for kundalini yoga in Bellevue):

Computer user groups:

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