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Internet Communications Software Developer

I mostly hang out on CommunityWiki, and work as head (for now) of the the OneBigSoup team.

In Seattle, I sometimes play games at Seattle Cosmic, and I sometimes go to SeaPIG meetings ("Seattle Python Interest Group").

I live in Lynnwood, though I have lived in Lake City, Wallingford, Kirkland, and Downtown.

I want to hear about: Beth's All Night Diner, the King Fish cafe, and some other places I don't know anything about, but have heard are cool.

I am interested in networking the following groups:

  • Seattle Wireless
  • Seattle C++
  • GSLUG (Greater Seattle Linux Users Group)
  • the XP group, that Dorsey belongs to
  • Seattle Perl users group
  • Seattle Wikipedia
  • Seattle Bloggers
  • Seattle Cosmic (board/card gaming)
  • SeaPIG
  • ...and more.

I want that these groups are aware of each other, link to each other, and have an annual super-meeting.

I would also be interested in seeing the various urban development groups gain a presence as well. Right now, it's mostly techies, though, because we're the first to know the technology.

It'll be great when all of them post their calendars in iCalendar.