Chris M is the guy behind A gay man born-raised-and-living in Seattle, Chris spends his nights curled up on the couch with his partner Doug. They have been together since May 2001 and recently purchased a townhouse together in West Seattle.

Chris is a web developer with a local consulting firm, creating web site systems used in the education field. His applications are in use not only throughout the state of Washington, but around the country. Previously Chris owned his own Web Development and Hosting company, stage managed and worked as backstage crew for local theatres, stayed up late as a casino dealer, served coffee at fantastic coffeehouses, unloaded freight in the early morning, and filled reservations at one of the most sought-after restaurants in the Puget Sound.

Chris is also an amateur photographer, taking fantastic photos with his point-and-shoot digital camera. He features galleries of his photos both on and his flickr account. His vices include Dick's Drive-In Restaurants cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes.

Chris is currently enrolled as a distance education student at Bellevue Community College. He is working towards an Arts & Sciences transfer degree, and hopes to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Since he is working full time (with a hefty commute) while going to school, it is a slow process. He is happy, however, with his progress. Recent courses taken include: Pre-Calculus (A), Anthropology of American Life (B+), Web Development II (A), Nutrition & The Human Body (A-), Intro to Programming (B), and Programming Logic (B). He is currently enrolled in ENGL 270, Technical Report Writing.

In what little free time remains Chris is a contributor at SeattleWiki, supports the LifeLong AIDS Alliance at Gay Bingo and as a team leader for the 2005 AIDS Walk, enjoys seeing plays and shows, and is the organizer of regularly-scheduled happy hour excursions.

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