Transcending boundaries, the Urban Bombshells have created a vibrant show unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Taking the splendor and elegance of classic burlesque and injecting a modern sensibility and style. Each bombshell brings her own personality and performance specialty, that combined make for a diverse, potent experience.

Formed in 2007, the Urban Bombshells Burlesque Show quickly crashed the oversaturated northwest burlesque scene. While many groups were confined to small theaters, the Urban Bombshells rocked concert stages alongside acclaimed musical acts. Leading to national press coverage and a string of sold out shows. With an ever-changing stage show and a string of guest performers the cabaret became a unique staple in Seattle.

In 2009 the ladies took a hiatus, but are back with a vengance in 2010, headlining multiple shows throughout the summer and fall.

"Their show at the El Corazon was nothing less than ground-breaking. They defied the odds of what mainstream America says can and cannot be done. Rappers jammed beside rockers, only leaving the stage for brief moments to quench their thirst with strong drinks. And when the Urban Bomshells hit the stage, it was atomic. The crowd from the bar came pouring in like ants to an unguarded feast."- The Seattle Sinner Magazine, February 2008!/pages/Urban-Bombshells-Burlesque-Show/120892234620954?v=wall&ref=ts

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