The University District is located north of the Lake Washington Ship Canal, east of Interstate 5, south of N.E. Ravenna Boulevard, and west of 25th Avenue N.E. and Montlake Boulevard N.E. As its name implies, it is the home of the University of Washington and its large student and street youth population.

Much of the activity in the U-District happens on "The Ave", which is officially known as University Way NE. The street boasts a large number of small shops and eateries, including a few larger installments such as the University Book Store. In years past, the Ave included a variety of department stores, including a JCPenney, but the tenants these days are decidedly more a mixed bag, with most of the upscale shopping having moved down to the U-Village. The Ave has suffered a downturn in the last decade or so - a noticeable increase in the street population that frequents it has been both a result and a causal factor in this decline. Recently, many attempts to revitalize the Ave have taken place, including physical renovation of the streets and facade improvements by many of the shops funded by the City of Seattle.

The University Heights Center hosts a farmer's market on Saturdays during the summer and fall.

buses 71, 72, and 73 bring you from downtown. Route 44 comes from Ballard. Routes 74 and 75 serve the northend. And there are so many more buses that come into the U-District.

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