Train of Thought is a sketch comedy group located in Seattle, Washington. Made up of John Boyle, Ryan Miller and Kaci Aitchison they are the only sketch comedy group that creates shows based around a word or phrase.

Together since 2003, they have created four original shows: Train of Thought > Airport – about the airline industry, Train of Thought > New York – about NYC, Train of Thought > Laid Off – about office life and unemployment and The Best of Train of Thought opening in November 2006.

They have been featured on Northwest Cable News and were named a 2004 Best of the Northwest Theater Selection by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and have been recommended by weekly papers Seattle Weekly ("The funniest threesome on [the Seattle] stage"), The Stranger (newspaper) ("Good jokes peppered with pockets of awesome") and The Seattle Sinner.

They were also selected to represent Seattle at the 2006 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival.

Train of Thought is one of the first groups to begin vodcasting, or Video_podcasting, for the Video IPod which has landed them features in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Northwest_cable_news. Their vodcast can be found on ITunes and other servies.

The troupe also produces the weekly Puppet Tom comedy series on MySpace.

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