For Information on Theatre in Seattle visit Theatre Puget Sound (TPS). TPS is a consortium of theatres and individual artists in the Puget Sound region [1]

The best resource for live performances in Seattle is Seattle Performs [2]

SIS Productions is a production company that strives to create, develop and produce quality works that involve Asian American women, their themes, and Asian American issues. SIS Productions encourages opportunities and support for Asian American women to be involved in all aspects of the production of artistic endeavors. [3]

The Fifth Avenue Theatre is great for musicals.

And the Paramount and Moore theatres always have great shows

Since 1997, the Pork Filled Players have waged a never-ending battle to unleash their hidden funny bone for audiences of every race, creed and gender across the Pacific Northwest. Beneath their guises as mild-mannered engineers, journalists and office workers, the Players simultaneously embodies, then subverts the stereotypes. They hone their humor like a scalpel (or is it a dull meat cleaver) to whack away at notions of race, class and social norms in 21st Century America. Equally adept at sketch comedy and traditional theatre, the Players are both Seattle’s oldest sketch comedy group and the Northwest’s longest running Asian American theatre. Humor is their chosen weapon in their mission to achieve maximum tongue-in-cheekiness, biting cultural/political satire and hilarious racial disharmony with their brand of Amazing Kung-Fu Griptm zaniness.

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