"Wallingford Center" across the street [from the QFC]. It's an old schoolhouse that has been converted into shops with apartments above."

Ah yes, I remember sitting in a classroom in that building, circa 1973, taking a class from a zany English teacher who had uncombed hair like Einstein and wore tennis shoes along with his suit. Every day, a few of us students would walk two or three blocks up from Lincoln High School to take some special extension classes in this building that was old even back in the early 1970s (I think it had once been a grade school).

One day the teacher brought in a Herbie Mann album, "Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty", which I thought was cool. The main purpose of that class was to create the Lincoln High School literary magazine. I submitted a pen-and-ink drawing of my messy closet, which won and turned out to grace the front cover of the magazine. I also submitted stories, but few passed muster. Every time, however, that I wrote a completely wacky, nonsensical story, the English teacher and the committee of students liked it and voted to put it in. I remember the teacher walking up to my desk one day and asking with his bushy eyebrows raised quizzically, "Why do you only write well when you're writing nonsense?"

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