I'm going to start putting these in a little more organized form... specifically based on what the person is interested in. I'm also going to double some of the links in other areas.

--Brandalone 13:49, 12 Jul 2004 (CDT)

Duplicate content... Edit

This page is starting to duplicate some of the content available in articles through the General resources page. For example, there are links for "Moving around", but there's also a Commuting page where those seem to belong better. Also Schools and Jobs should probably be moved to General resources too.

Can we try and move most of the links here to articles under General resources? What do people think? What kind of links, if any, should stay here?

I think we should try to have as few duplicate external links in the site as possible. Also, having articles instead of subsections with links encourages people to contribute more content than just links to other websites.

What does everyone think?

--matias 18:55, 17 Sep 2004 (CDT)

I actually disagree. I think having a page designated for collecting website URL's that don't have articles yet would be a good staging area, and a good quick reference point for people who are familiar with those kinds of pages. One person could add a website, and other people could research the site and create an article for it. This would also be a good way to create a list of blogs from people in the Seattle area. Is it possible to restore the page?

--Chad Lupkes 12/05/2005
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