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Here are some Fearfully Anticipated Questions that people have heard, or think they may hear, or wonder about themselves.

If you don't see your question answered here, ask it at the coffee shop, and someone will answer it as soon as possible (probably).

General questions[]

What is SeattleWiki?[]

Seattle Wiki is a website about Seattle that anyone can edit. Here you can read and write about places to go, things to do, community, organizations, happenings and events, resources, politics, and anything else related to the greater Seattle area.

Is Seattle's Weather Really as Bad as I Hear?[]

Seattle does get more inches of rain than most cities. However, as someone who moved to Seattle four years ago from the San Francisco Bay Area, my impression is that people who are bothered by the weather here are more likely to be bothered by the number of cloudy days than by the rain itself. Washington is called the Evergreen State for a reason, and having so much greenery present, and having it green all year round, is a very strong positive. Also, the summer weather is unbeatable: very rarely does it get uncomfortably hot or humid. I can't imagine better summer weather. Petershank 20:13, 8 January 2008 (UTC)