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==Things for contributors to know==
'''Copyleft''' means that every single yahoo, nutcase, screwjob, charlatan, weirdo, freakazoid, mouthbreather, goofball, lamer, cheater and jerk will have the right to read, copy, print, save, download, read aloud, project, modify, email, distribute, photocopy and correct your work however they want to.
''In particular'', your work can be ruthlessly modified, edited, or cut from SeattleWiki altogether by other user. It can be photocopied thousands of times and passed around as flyers by whoever. It can be used for pretty much any endevour without your direct control.
Now, the hard part: because of the Attribution 2.0, you are legally responsible '''not to put other people's copyrighted work into SeattleWiki without permission.''' You are responsible for getting '''model releases''' from people you take pictures of, and you are responsible for any '''libel''' you include in your articles. If you have any questions about the source of something you want to put in SeattleWiki, ask about it first on Talk page. '''When in doubt, leave it out.'''

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SeattleWiki uses a copyleft license for all text, images, and other content on the Web site.

Things for users to know

Copyleft means that every single author and editor who puts their work into SeattleWiki gives you the right to read, copy, print, save, download, read aloud, project, modify, email, distribute, photocopy and correct their work however you want to.

The only restrictions are that if you distribute it, you must give attribution to the creators.

In other words, we give you practically every freedom within the boundaries of the law to use the information in SeattleWiki, as long as you give attribution to SeattleWiki and/or the original authors.

The license we use is the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license. It's a piece of legal documentation created by the great people at Creative Commons that basically says the same thing as above: give contributors credit for their work, and share with other people.

If you want you can read the text of the Creative Commons license. For the purposes of the License, a Work is the formatted text that makes up a single SeattleWiki article. Each image individually is also a Work for the purposes of the License.

Lastly, to the extent possible there is NO WARRANTY on any of the articles or images in SeattleWiki. Contributors try their best, but none of the creators of these pages are responsible to you in any way for any injury or discomfort you endure as a result of reading any of the content here. See the License above for details.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.