Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, on January 6th, I applied for the open Seattle City Council seat. I have lived in Seattle for five years now and truly love this city. I'm excited to have an opportunity to contribute to the vibrancy and long-term success of Seattle and its citizens.

The council is seeking to fill a vacated seat left by Jim Compton, and will appoint a new member to fill Compton's seat. They make their first cut to the pool of candidates between the 13th and 16th of January. By January 27th, the Council will make their final round of voting, and by February 6th, they will swear in a new member. As you can see, this is an accelerated process with little time for organizing and mobilizing supporters.

Many of you encouraged me to apply for the position, though I knew that the process would be challenging, I put my name in the hat. So did 98 others. There is very little opportunity for me to distinguish myself from the other candidates, however I feel like I have a strong set of skills to bring to the Council.

As you already know, I have a passion for open, transparent government and equal rights under the law. I'm within the mainstream of Seattleites, being both socially liberal and fiscally conservative. In addition, I can identify with the challenges that average Seattleites face; Seattle is a young city with a population with unique needs including affordable housing and transportation solutions. From my perspective, I believe our fellow citizens deserve an advocate for long-term solutions to our city's problems. As a council member, I will put significant time and energy into listening to constituents concerns, throughly researching the issues that come before me, and developing long-term solutions.

I'm asking you to write a letter of support for my candidacy at my website:

You can read more about my campaign and the appointment process on my website, Thank you for your support and friendship, it really means a lot to me.


Sarah Schacht

PS Please forward this email to your friends in the Seattle area!

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