There are two Safeways on Queen Anne. There is the Upper Queen Anne Safeway and the Lower Queen Anne Safeway. The Upper Queen Anne Safeway has been at its current location since 1968. It used to be located where the Blockbuster's Video is currently located. Ted Bundy stocked shelves at the Upper Queen Anne Safeway when he was in college.[1]

Safeway is big on Customer Service. After a while providing superior customer service becomes second nature to Safeway employees. Some of them may accidentally carry over their customer service when at another store. Safeway employees won't just tell you the aisle an item is on, they will actually take you to it and then they will ask if they can help you find anything else. Some customers, however, like giving the employees a hard time and they'll ask for items such as the meaning of life or world peace.Sanguis sanctus 10:53, 25 July 2007 (UTC)



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