Seattle Supplies Edit

Farmer's Markets Edit

U-District Edit

The U-District Farmer's Market is a good source for variety meats. You can usually find kidney, liver, heart, and tongue from beef, pork, and lamb. There are plenty of raw meaty bone options as well such as hocks and tails.

In particular, Stokesberry Sustainable Farm has a good selection of chicken parts (heart, liver, gizzards, wings, necks, etc) as well as a whole chicken grind, but get there early because they run out. Skagit River Ranch also sells a ground mix of beef, heart, liver, kidney for pets.

Vendors also sell a variety of meat cuts, grinds, and whole animals, but in general the meat cuts are pretty pricey for pet food.

Washington Suppliers Edit

Plymouth Poultry Edit

Whole Foods 4 Pets Edit

  • Whole skinned or unskinned rabbit
  • Ground rabbit

Northwest Gamebirds Edit

  • Frozen adult quail
  • Frozen young quail
  • Quail eggs

US Suppliers Edit

Layne Laboratories Edit

  • Frozen mice and rats
  • Frozen rabbits, quail, guinea pigs, chicks
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