Point83, or .83, is a group of avid cyclists located in the Seattle metropolitan area who are extremely enthusiastic about most everything that is bicycle related. .83 accepts virtually anyone who simply wants to have fun riding bikes. Point83 was begun in the fall of 2004 by some recently acquainted friends who met during Critical Mass.

Point83's weekly Thursday rides are usually centered around visiting waterfront destinations and drinking alcohol, although there are quite a few riders who choose not to drink. No matter a newbie's skill level, the group will usually attempt to keep the pack relatively together. The rides begin at Westlake Center in Seattle and typically have no planned destination until they depart. Anywhere from 20 to 50 cyclists will attend thursday rides.

Point83 events usually consist of fun bicycle races with the victors winning bicycle related prizes or simply alcohol. Other events include BBQs, bike repair get-to-gethers and bike trips to other cities. Point83 also holds pub-crawls and such, always traveled by bicycle.

Point83 has at least been successful in encouraging more people to ride their bikes in the Seattle area.

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