The following is a transcript of the agenda of a pair of meetings that were held September 26, 1990, one month into the PeaceWorks Park vigil at Gas Works Park in Seattle.

Wednesday, Sept 26
The PeaceWorks Park vigil at Gas Works Park is one month old.

Wednesday, Sept 26 at PeaceWorks Park (Gas Works Park)
noon & 7pm

"The future of the vigil"
Where we stand and where we're going.

Agenda (for both the noon and 7pm workshops)

The progress of events in the Persian Gulf

We have been here a month partly because the vigil is strong, but also because the Persian Gulf crisis lingers on at the same level which inspired the vigil in the first place.

Our goals:

Help end the Gulf Crisis peaceably
Free-speech zone
Steward the park
Spiritual center
Democracy/"people power"
other goals

Who is the vigil?

Should a distinction be drawn between vigilists and hangers on?
Should a distinction be drawn between people who abide by a sobriety standard and those who refuse to do so?
Have we been "forming a culture" that excludes people we need to include?

What can each of us do to move toward our goals?

making the vigil run better and stronger
dealing with drug problems in our midst
organizing events
outreach and liaison
outside the vigil proper

What should we as a group do differently?

Is there too much of a party and too little of a political or spiritual event?
Clarifying views on amplified music

What isn't happening that ought to?

The future of the vigil

near-term changes
facing winter
can we keep going in the park?
what alternatives do we have?
beyond the Gulf crisis to a lasting group
Do we need an office?

Come to speak and listen! Write down thoughts & ideas, circulate them.

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