NWBrickCon LEGO exhibition October 6th and 7th 11am to 4pm Seattle Center Pavilion Admission $5 individual, $15 family

NWBrickCon is a LEGO Fan event held each year at the Seattle Center in October. The doors are opened Saturday and Sunday for everyone to see an incredible LEGO exhibition, featuring hundreds of fantastic creations made by imaginative LEGO fans living throughout the Northwest, from Oregon to British Columbia. Often there are exhibitors from other parts of the nation and from international locales, too. Guests are encouraged to build on site and participate in many family friendly activities. There are give-aways and door prizes. Also, LEGO pieces, sets and other LEGO-related items will be for sale at the giant Brick Bazaar. This year, NWBrickCon is October 6th and 7th, 11am to 4pm at the Seattle Center Pavilion. Admission $5 individual, $15 family. For more information please visit [1]

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