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The Pike Place Market has a vibrant living history, protected as a Historical District. Within the 7 acres there are hundreds of merchants and craftspeople, farmers, fish mongers, over 300 residents and several service businesses. For instance, you will find a clinic, senior center, food bank, dentist, childcare, a church, and an acupuncturist all within the district.

The Market Ghost Tours are one hour walking tours of the Pike Place Market. They are based on the stories shared by residents and workers within the historic Pike Place Market. Seattle's very interesting beginnings are mixed in with the stories. Be prepared for stairs and walking. Tours go under and around the Market and end close to Seattle's first mortuary.

Michael Yaeger, honorary mayor of the Pike Place Market, and Shelia Lyon of the Market Magic Shop, began these tours over 20 years ago. Both continue to give tours by request. Mercedes Yaeger, who works also with the Underground Tours, has been giving the Ghost Tours for the last 4 years.

Tours run year round.

Subject matters covered may not be appropriate for very young children. Subjects include death, ghosts, starvation, Treaty Wars in Washington State, and early Seattle cemeteries and of course,....Market history.

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