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Mark Driscoll (born October 11, 1970) is the founder and teaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington, co-founder of the Acts 29 Network, author, and columnist for the Faith and Values section of the Seattle Times.

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Driscoll has not published anything outlining all his theological beliefs (such as a systematic theology), but his sermons, lectures, and books provide a good understanding of what Driscoll believes. Furthermore, a concise statement of what he does and does not believe can be found from his blog. In general, he is a conservative evangelical.

In a certain pastor's conference in August, 2005, Driscoll characterized himself as a "charismatic Calvinist" (audio, quote starts at 53 minutes in). He believes that all of the spiritual gifts are active today but only by God's divine intervention (he is not a cessationist) and is a five-point Calvinist (or as he describes a 'five-and-a-half point' (5.5) Calvinist, see Sermon: Unlimited-Limited Atonement). According to a July 4, 2006, interview in Christianity Today, Driscoll described the church he leads as "theologically conservative and culturally liberal" (see article: [1]). He is best-known for his views on missiology.

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