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This is a place to share your knowledge of places to go, things to do, organizations, happenings, resources, politics, events, and more, all in or around the Seattle area. It's not really meant to be a travel guide (like this one for example). Instead, the idea is to have a central place where people who live in Seattle can share information.

The key to the website is that anyone can contribute content. Check out the Help section to see how you can start creating and editing pages right now. You don't even need to register (although it's nice if you do). There's no one who decides if your contributions go or not -- any user can change anything here.

We've just launched this site on June 6th, so you may not find much here yet. But please explore and if you want start adding content! Anything is better than nothing; it can always be fixed up and made better later.

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SeattleWiki has just started; what it'll become is in large part up to you!

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