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====Browse Seattle Wiki====
*'''[[General resources|Resources]]''': [[commuting]], [[wireless access]], [[finding a library|libraries]], [[general resources|...]]
*'''[[Things to do]]''': [[shopping]], [[nightlife]], [[community]], [[things to do|...]]
*'''[[Places to go|Places]]''': [[Wallingford]], [[Chittenden Locks]], [[Capitol Hill]], [[places to go|...]]
*'''[[People in Seattle]]'''
*'''[[Useful websites|Useful Seattle websites]]'''
* '''[[Special:Categories|Pages by category]]'''
<small>''This categorization is a work in progress''</small>
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==== [[Current happenings]] (also see [[Events|Events page]])====
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====About Seattle Wiki====
* '''[[SeattleWiki:FAQ|Frequently asked questions]]'''
*[[Help#Editing_pages|Contributing]] and [[SeattleWiki:Copyrights|Using Seattle Wiki content]]
* Don't know where to start contributing? Try one of the '''[[Special:Wantedpages|wanted pages]]'''!
* Share your opinions about SeattleWiki at the '''[[SeattleWiki:Coffee shop|Coffee shop]]''', or join the '''[[SeattleWiki:Spreading the word|spreading the word]]''' discussion.
* [ SeattleWiki blog]

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