Lake City Way is a major north/south road through Seattle, and an alternative to I-5.

From 1926 to 1930, Lake City Way (then called Bothell Way and Victory Highway) was the main highway through Seattle, carrying I-5's predecessor, U.S. Route 99 through most of north Seattle. Before this, the Pacific Highway Auto Trail followed Lake City Way. Lake City Way also carried State Route 1 (later Primary State Highway 1).

By the late 1920's, traffic was increasing heavily on Lake City Way to the point where it was decided to move US 99 and SR 1 to another location. The North Trunk Road was chosen as US 99/SR 1's new location and it was reconstructed into the new Aurora Avenue speedway.

After the completion of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Battery Street Tunnel in 1954, US 99 and PSH 1 were moved onto the new freeway complex. The older route became US 99's business route and an extension of U.S. Route 10 and Primary State Highway 2. Due to this, Lake City Way was later designated as part of PSH 2's Bothell-Everett Branch (PSH 2-BE). PSH 2-BE continued to be Lake City Way's highway designation until the 1964 highway re-numbering, when PSH 2-BE was re-numbered as Washington State Route 522. To this day, Lake City Way still carries WA 522.

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