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Lake City was annexed by the City of Seattle in 1954. There is some confusion over the borders, but it is generally accepted that the "Lake CIty Area" or "Northeast District" is everything west of I-5, north of 85th, east of Lake Washington, and south of 145th. The Lake City Area / Northeast District contains many neighborhoods, one of which is the Lake City Neighborhood.

Most of the Lake City Neighborhood has been defined a "Hub Urban Village" as part of the City of Seattle's Comprehensive Plan. The intent is to redevelop the Lake City Urban Village into a higher density residential / commercial district with many services within walking distance, including mass transit.

Although the 522 ( Lake City Way ) corridor has a disproportionate number of parking lots, inflatable gorillas, and signs in ratio to trees, the ratio is inversed if you walk a few blocks to the east or west of the road. There are many well established larger trees in the surrounding neighborhoods that create the coveted "park-like setting" that has become a rarity in other neighborhoods where a "mountain view" or some other goeographic plus won the battle ( read Crown Hill ). This may be due to the fact that the lots are larger on average in this area. There are also many older fruit trees within the neighborhood- hangovers from a not so distant semi-rural past.

Many of the lots in the northern part of the Lake City Area were used for summer cottages by city residents years back. Some of the larger lots in the Olympic Hills Neighborhood were used for growing minks, peacocks, and ( the more prosaic ) chickens.

More information about Lake City is available at HistoryLink, including a comment by the sculptor of the giant potatoes with machettes stuck in them.

Bill Pierre sells cars here, and there's a cute little park ( Homeward Park ) squirreled away off 123rd avenue, just west of Lake City Way.

LionKimbro lives in Lake City.

Dave lives in Lake City also.

When you're in Lake City you are directly...

...South of Kenwood (bounded by NE 125th St)
...North of Wedgewood (bounded by NE 95th St)
...Northeast of Northgate
...West of Lake Washington

Here is a link to the City Clerk's Neighborhood Map Atlas showing their definition of the Lake City Area ( Area 3 - North City ).

Lake City Community topics

Lake City Area Organizations

  • Greater Lake City Community Council
  • North District Council
  • Lake City Chamber of Commerce
  • Lake City Lions Club
  • Thornton Creek Alliance
  • Olympic Hills Community Council
  • Victory Heights Community Council
  • Meadowbrook Community Council
  • Cedar Park Community Council
  • Matthews Beach Community Council

Lake City Places of Interest

Lake City Area Parks

  • Albert Davis Park
  • Homeward Park
  • Cedar Park Playfield
  • Lake City Playfield
  • Meadowbrook Playfield
  • Meadowbrook Retention pond
  • Pinehurst Park
  • Olympic Hills Playfield
  • Thornton Creek Park #2
  • Victory Heights Playground
  • Burke Gilman Trail
  • Matthews Beach
  • Sacajawea Playground