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Some useful resources if you are trying to find a job.

External links[]

  • Seattle Networking Guide - Resources for connecting with the Seattle region's leading professional, civic and social networks.
  • Craig's List An excellent source for update to date job postings, especially in high tech sectors. This site allows anonymous postings, and many posting are done as such.
  • ColorsNW Careers This is a new Seattle area diversity career site for job seekers and employers. This site is put together by the folks who publish ColorsNW magazine.
  • Seattle 24x7
  • NW Jobs These guys do a resonable attempt of sorting job listings from multiple locations on the web. A lot of companies that only have resume submission on their corporate web page can be found here. Unfortunately, this site isn't up to the minute, so some postings might be dead by time you find it. At the very least, it's an excellet starting point for finding the web pages of individual hiring companies.
  • University of Washington If you want to apply for a job at UW, you have to do it online. Human resources can be a bit slow in passing on your resume to the relevent department.
  • Seattle BioTech Jobs This is a job site for the biotechnology jobs in and around the greater Seattle area.
  • 60 Second Networking Don't just work, NETwork for your next job in 60seconds!
  • Resume Writing Services Need help writing, rewriting your resume or cover letter?
  • Ask the Recruiter Have employment related questions?
  • TeleportJobs is free for employers to post jobs and search through resumes. Search through thousands of jobs to Teleport yourself into a new career.
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