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BIOGRAPHY: Jim Rice, also known Jice, is a former teacher and dictator of the Grand Orchestral Empire. After Inglemoor was weakened after the anti-Sherwood rebellion, he used the opportunity to take over Inglemoor, then eventually all of Kenmore and a vast area of the Greater Seattle area.

During the battle of the IHS courtyard, Jice's troops managed to storm Sherwood's forest, taking over the administrative office and thus, controlling all of Inglemoor. With this power, Jice managed to wage war and take over the Kenmore air force during the Battle of Kenmore Air.

THE GRAND ORCHESTRAL EMPIRE GOLDEN AGES: At it's peak, the Grand Orchestral Empire under Jice ruled over approximately 900,000 people of at least 9 different citizenships, including Seattleites, Kirklanders, Bothellites, Belluveites, and Kenmoreites. It had a standing army of 50,000 and a powerful air and navy.

FALL: Despite its superpower status, it had many flaws. The rise to power was not smooth; there were many people that vied for a position of power, such as concertmaster. As a result, many internal power struggles took place that weakened the empire. Many soldiers, dissatisfied with the constant struggles, deserted. As a result, in two years, the empire's army decreased 70%.

Due South, a new threat was rising known as the LCP's receding in Northeast Tacoma. Led by a mysterious, hooded figure known as "headphones guy", they quickly became a threat to Jice. Then, during one night, they invaded, quickly storming through the Grand Orchestral Empire and into Bellevue, where Jice bunkered down in a high rise penthouse. Surrounded and on the 40th floor, Jice was confronted by hunter, and in an epic battle between the two, hunter managed to push Jice out of the roof, seemingly ending him. However, unknown to everyone, Jice in fact was alive, faking his death and hiding in the Puget sound sewer system, where he began plotting his revenge.

AFTERMATH: The day after Jice's supposed death, the Grand Orchestral Empire crumbled and was annexed by the LCPs. For the next three years, the LCPs became the dominant force in Western Washington, controlling 70% of the Seattle Metro area, Northeast Tacoma, and almost half the population of Washington. However, this came to the end when a small boy with big plans of ruling his own orchestra made his dreams came to fruition. He gathered the remnants of GOE sympathizers and would rebuild the destroyed empire to even greater heights, surpassing every other power in Washington state. This empire was called the Neo Orchestral Empire.