Capitol Hill IHOPEdit

24 Hour International House of Pancakes

920 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98122

Another building in the dank and dreary drug addled and homosexual filled nightmare that is east Madison and its surrounding broken bottle puke stained streets.  

If its not bad service, then its the drunk and angry parking lot Nazi who while Heiling Hitler and writing down peoples license plate numbers(, to illegally tow their vehicles to support the Manager Donald's back door deal with "Gary's Towing company") is smoking cigarette after cigarette and flicking the butts onto patrons vehicles fitting in perfectly with the homeless laden, robbery minded, and dieing homosexual outside a club on an overdose of whatever concoction of barbiturates and cocaine view trip on the streets screwing the place up.  

Beyond that there is the discussions of spitting in old ladies food because they never tip and deserve every hocked luegy in their food for being white (a conversation of which I was personally in ear shot of while the employees were on break).  Then there is the fact that there is no legal tow notice describing the exact results of parking in the parking lot just that its for ihop customers for which you will be charged "$440.73" as I heard one of the victims screaming, (which mind you is 90% empty because of the constant pull up and drop off drug dealing and prostitute pickups right under the nose of the Seattle police department four blocks away), to pick up a friend and come back to eat.  

Beyond that, there is the violent, drug filled and angry lesbian/homosexual population (who during their last march chanted "We are drunk and on drugs and we will fuck you up, oh yeah" while under the protection of the Seattle police department.) that surrounds this toilet to eat off of, creating just the right ambiance for a shattered glass back alley Aids needle mugging.

Then there is the gang banging unkempt blunt burnt lips of the no hair net wearing cook staff.  Who is kept very carefully in the kitchen and far from the eyes of the patrons who will be eating their hair and spit.

You want good food, go somewhere else.  If you want lazy shiftless Farrakhan followers, making your food and towing your car and getting a cut of $440.73 of illegal tow fee, because you went to meet some friends and bring them back to this toilet to eat off of stench hole, on the corner of drug dealer and dead homeless man.

Then this is the place for you.  

I honestly suggest, that you seriously consider your health, your wallet and the abusive amount of stomach cramps and diarrhea that you will be grunting through the next morning.

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