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The George and Dragon Pub in Fremont Address: 206 North 36th Street Seattle WA 98103

Telephone: (206) 545-6864

Quiz Night[]

The George & Dragon hosts a trivia quiz every Tuesday night starting at 8:00, although it's wise to arrive by 7:00 if you'd like a choice of seating, or even earlier if you'd like an outdoor table on a pleasant night. It's a casual atmosphere, and it's easy to drink or eat dinner (standard British pub fare) during the game. Some teams are regulars, others come on the spur of the moment or just every now and again.

It costs $5 per team to play the quiz. Teams can be made up of 1-6 people. No cell phones, notebook computers or other electronic connections to the outside world are allowed.

The quiz consists of 40 questions. Each question is read over the loudspeaker system, and each team writes their answers on notecards provided when they sign up. Cards are handed in after every 10 questions. The team with the leading score at the end of the night wins the pot, although sometimes the second place team splits part of it as well.

There are two quiz masters who alternate weeks.

The contest usually runs until 10:00, sometimes finishing earlier and sometimes lasting until 10:30, especially if there's a tie after the 40 questions. In those circumstances, the leaders play a 5-question tiebreaking round.