I've started , and I'm trying to get in touch with the maintainer(s) of to talk about ways we could team up. uses LocalWiki (, which provides really great mapping functionality and other tools that make it perfect for a city wiki. Wikia has also become a very advertising-heavy service, which is part of my reasoning behind starting a new wiki for Seattle.

For more details about why I'm working on SeattleWiki you can read this blog post I wrote.

I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to merge the two wikis. Having duplicate wikis isn't a big deal in a city the size of Seattle, but it would be cool to give the content on a new life, and combining the two wikis would help have a solid foundation for future growth. Combining the two wikis would also minimize confusion and make things easier for users.

From what I can tell uses a Creative Commons license, so if we agreed that merging the wikis was a good idea, I think there would be no problem with moving the content over to

Let me know your thoughts on all this. It would be great to talk with other folks that are into civic media.

Please use the Talk page to discuss this.

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