Fremont is the self-proclaimed center of the universe. This community is traditionally a home for artists and counterculture, but has become gentrified in recent years.

Fremont is bounded to the east by Wallingford, to the west by Ballard, and to the north by Greenwood.


Fremont has good night life, including eclectic shops, some great ethnic restaurants, and lots of clubs and bars where rising local bands can be heard. You can find out about events in Fremont by looking at posters on a cool local website,



  • The Fremont Solstice Parade and Festival is held every summer and is known for naked bicycle riders, lack of corporate entries and ban on written words in the parade.
  • The Fremont Sunday Market is a great place for cool finds and antiques.
  • Trolloween is a spooky and fun parade on halloween night from the troll to the old Redhook brewery. At the troll, a play is performed about the rising of the troll ancestors, and then the parade begins, led by a samba band. In years past, there have also been fire acts and troll-a-gogo, a party until the wee hours.
  • Outdoor theatre


  • Fremont Antique Mall - looks like nothing from the street but downstairs is a trove of treasures not seen since you cleaned out Granny's basement and moved her to the Home. This mall has more biker jackets and Grateful Dead t-shirts than doilies and china. You will definitely find something of yours here that your mother sold in some damn garage sale when you weren't looking.
  • Fremont Drum Shop - take lessons in drumming and dancing or just shop.
  • Indoor Sun Shoppe - probably has the largest variety of indoor plants in Seattle. Great to just go in and look at all the weird plants and get out of the cold.
  • Essential Bread Cafe - great food and bread. The baker won an international award for his bread; it's definitely the best in town!
  • Lucca Statuary - 20,000 sq feet of fountains and classic European cast stone garden ornaments; the largest collection in the NW. Have a latte from Lucca Espresso while you browse or just sit, watch the birds bathe and listen to all the fountains.


Fremont has one of the world's most active drawbridges.

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