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Flight to Mars[]

Flight to Mars is a Seattle-based arts organization and a theme camp that has participated in Burning Man every year since 2001. It sprang from the minds of several long-time Seattlites who remembered an amusement park ride of the same name. The ride made its home in the Seattle Center Fun Forest for many years. It was removed to make way for the Experience Music Project. Every year it is reborn on the Playa to take its travelers on a fun filled space adventure yet again.

Flight to Mars is a group of people who truly enjoy throwing parties and making art. Everyone in Flight to Mars is a volunteer. Everyone who takes the time to participate gets to shape the finished product. There is no single art director or shot-caller. Their works reflect the creativity of many individuals.

The group meets throughout the year and spends many days working towards their next event or art project. Seattle area events have been held at The Pacific Science Center, CHAC, ToST and Hooverville and at numerous venues in the city. And, of course, on the Playa.

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