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You can make reservations for over 30 Seattle-area restaurants online at no charge through

Menus Edit's Restaurants section offers hundreds of Seattle-area menus organized by neighborhood and by cuisine (click on "See more cuisines" to see the all types), along with customer reviews and ratings (1 to 5 stars).

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There are several places to discuss restaurants or just read others' comments and questions:

  • is similar to Chowhound, but requires registration to post, and its discussion threads are organized differently.

Other Resources Edit

  • Yelp is the ultimate guide to Seattle. You will find real reviews from real people on everything Seattle has to offer. Restaurants are one of the main areas of focus.
  • lists more than 20 vegetarian restaurants and health-food stores in the Seattle area.
  • Zagat Survey's Seattle section offers reviews and ratings for more than 300 Seattle-area restaurants in a paid-subscription service (you can only view restaurant names and locations without a subscription). You can buy a book edition of their 2005 ratings.
Please note: Zagat's site design changed in April 2005, so direct links to area-specific information may not work as expected. Additionally, registration required to view full restaurant rating information.
  • Sushi Seattle has a searchable database of Seattle sushi restaurants with user and editorial reviews.
  • CitySearch Seattle has a comprehensive database of restaurants, also searchable and with reviews.

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