Packed between Elliott Bay, Pioneer Square, Belltown, and Capitol Hill, the Downtown neighborhood unsuprisingly contains Seattle's business district and a number of large retailers. Also in downtown are the Central Library, the Paramount Theater, Pike Place Market, and several local and federal government administation buildings.

View of downtown Seattle from Gasworks Park


While visiting Seattle for Thanksgiving weekend I visited this store. An great place to pick up all types of outdoor gear. They have a very large climbing wall and even a small biking area that you can bike at. If you are shopping there you should probably join the co-op program that will give you dividends from your purchases, it is only a one-time 15$ fee. If you are driving to the store there is free parking in a covered lot right underneath it.


  • National Geographic Warehouse Sale

This travelling sale is held at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. It is held once a year and includes many discounted national geographic publications. Many of the publications are from earlier years but they are heavily marked down and are mostly around the $10 mark, even for the hardback versions. A great place to pick up some christmas gifts. Here is an article on the sale held 2004 from Nov 26th - Nov 28th

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