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*[[wikipedia:Dick's Drive-In]]
*[[wikipedia:Dick's Drive-In]]
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Dick's Drive-In Restaurants is a local drive-in chain. Known for its instant service and quality of food (at least, for fast food!), Dick's is a well-loved Seattle landmark and tradition.

From the windows lining three sides of the building, you can watch as they fry up fresh hand-cut potatoes (unheard of in most restaurants), hand-dip milkshakes the old fashioned way, and fry up burgers by the dozens.

Picky eaters, take note: in Dick's quest for instant service there is one thing that has fallen victim... the special order. They won't hold the lettuce, so you might be wise to order one of the simpler hamburgers or cheeseburgers and add some of your own condiments for a few cents each.

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