Ah, the joys of commuting...

By car

  • For the occasional car user (for example, someone who usually takes a bus), one option besides normal car rental is Flexcar, which has more than 100 vehicles in more than a dozen neighborhoods in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, West Seattle, and Kitsap County.

By bus

  • Busview is a handy Java application that shows the positions of buses on a map of Seattle in near real-time. You can filter the tool by one or more bus-route numbers.
  • Bus Monster delivers information from Metro Transit and Busview in a slick Google Maps package.

By bike

  • You can download and/or order (free!) a Seattle Bike map from this page on the City of Seattle's website

By train

  • Sounder commuter trains from Tacoma to Seattle, currently three departures in the morning (stops in Puyallup, Sumner, Auburn, Kent, and Tukwila), and from Everett to Seattle, currently one departure in the morning (stops in Edmonds). As for the future? Here's the official (i.e., optimistic) word: "Once in full operation, 18 trains (nine in the morning and nine in the evening) will serve the Lakewood-Tacoma-Seattle segment, and 8 trains (four in the morning and four in the evening) will serve the Everett-Seattle segment. Headways (the time between trains) will be approximately 30 minutes. Some trains will run in the off-peak direction."

By ferry

By monorail

External links

  • Lost in Seattle: A project to map the city down to the individual structures on each block.
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