[Colaizzo Opticians] carries a variety of sexy frames, don't let the show room fool you. They have a ton of other frames in the back, so let them know what you're looking for. The employees are all super helpful as well. Colaizzo can be considered higher-end and thus are not cheap. But the service and quality of their frames are both very good.

I second the first reviewer's opinion. The owners are extremely nice, and a wide variety of frames is represented. The employees work hard at finding a frame that works with your face and your style. But the biggest draw are the frames. Camille travels to Europe multiple times a year to get these frames, and you won't find them anywhere else in the city. Only a few opticians in the country carry these types of frames, and offer such great service. Seattle is lucky to have them.

Now, the only trouble with Colaizzo is that they don't work with insurance companies directly. You'll only be reimbursed out of network. You'll pay more, but you get the quality you're paying for.

Located at 1623 Queen Anne Ave. N 98109. 206-285-7212

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