Seattle is known around the world for its coffee, but when you look around yourself at your favorite coffeehouse it may seem like folks are ordering everything BUT coffee! Here's a handy guide to coffee, in its many forms.

The Drinks Edit

  • drip coffee: purists enjoy their average cup of drip coffee. This is the stuff you make at home or pick up at your favorite donut shop.
  • latte: a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk with a nice dollop of foam on top
  • mocha: a shot of espresso topped with steamed milk and chocolate syrup, sometimes with whipped cream
  • cappuccino: a shot of espresso topped halfway with steamed milk, with extra-extra foam poured on top
    • dry: more foamy than milky
    • wet: more milky than foamy
  • espresso: common rookie mistake, ordering an "espresso" on your first time out -- this is an ounce (or a shot) of super-strong coffee rapidly brewed under pressure
  • caffe au lait: a cup of creamy coffee without losing any of the heat -- this is a half cup of drip coffee, topped off with foamy steamed milk

Sizes Edit

Sizes may vary by establishment, but here's a general guide.

  • short: 8 oz
  • medium or tall: 12 oz
  • large or grande: 16 oz
  • extra-large or venti: 20 oz

Milk Choices Edit

At many shops you'll be able to specify exactly what kind of milk you'd like your drink made from. Soy milk, nonfat, lowfat, and whole milk are available at most shops. Some shops increase the selection to include rice milk and organic milk.

Double Your Pleasure Edit

If you like your coffee stronger, you can always ask for additional shots in your drinks for a few cents more. Asking for a double tall latte would give you two shots of espresso and steamed milk in a 12oz cup.

Ordering Edit

Ordering can be stressful the first few times around... here's a template to help you plan ahead:

any additional shots + drink size + milk choice + drink + extras

So, your order of a double + tall + nonfat + mocha + extra whip reads just about the same, "Double tall nonfat mocha with extra whip!"

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