The Broadway Market is a shopping center on Broadway, located between Broadway E, E Republican Street, Harvard Avenue E, and E Harrison Street. The building also includes condominiums.

Broadway Market Edit

History Edit

The Broadway Market was built in 1928 as a 25,000 square-foot complex of food markets (what would be called a "supermarket" today).

In (date needed) The Broadway Market was sold to Portland-based Fred Meyer, which then occupied the entire building.

In 1989, developer Val Thomas bought the building and returned The Broadway Market to a shopping center. The parking lot on the west side was replaced by condominiums. An underground parking lot was added. A second story was added. Fred Meyer moved to the back of the market. A multi-screen movie theater was built upstairs. (The movie theater is no longer there. The space is occupied by Golds Gym.) The Gap, Urban Outfitters, Bulldog News and The Gravity Bar moved in. (The Gap, Bulldog News, and The Gravity Bar are no longer there.) The plaza on the first floor was occupied by a number of small vendor carts.

In October 2004, Fred Meyer (then owned by Kroger) vacated The Broadway Market, and QFC (also owned by Kroger) moved from its location one block to the north, and into The Broadway Market, occupying the majority of its first floor.

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