Bellevue is a suburb of Seattle located three miles to the East, across Lake Washington. Bellevue is the fifth largest city in Washington. It has a population of 117,000 and a workforce of 121,000.


1863 Aaron Mercer aquires 80.5 acres on the west bank of what is now known as the Mercer Slough.

1869 William Meydenbauer homesteads first site on what is now known as Meydenbauer Bay.

1882 Informal post office established. Settlers begin to use the name "Bellevue".

1883 Albert Burrows builds first public school

1888 Railroad service begins

Downtown Bellevue is undergoing rapid change. It is currently the second largest city center in Washington state with over 35,000 employees and 5,000 residents. 8 Based on per capita income, Bellevue is the 6th wealthiest of 522 communities in the state of Washington. 9 In 2008, Bellevue was named number 1 in CNNMoney's list of the best places to live and launch a business. 10 More recently, Bellevue was ranked as the 4th best place to live in America. The name "Bellevue" is French for "beautiful view".

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