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Battle of Kenmore Air
Date 1 November 2022 – 30 November 2022 
Location Kenmore air field
Result Inglemoor decisive victory


Reunification of West Kenmore
  • Inglemoor
  • Secondary Academy mercenaries
  • LCP sympathizers
  • National Guard
  • City of Kenmore Police
  • Bothell Police
  • ≈2000
  • Inglemoor (1,200)
  • WA LCP force (500)
  • SAS reinforcements (240)
  • Kenmore air defectors (82)
  • ≈4,700
  • National Guard (3,800)
  • Kenmore/Bothell police (540)
  • Kenmore Citizen army (400)
72 1,454

The Battle of Kenmore Air took place in the 2020s between Inglemoor High School, under the Grand Orchestral Empire and the police forces of King County. It was the largest military conflict Inglemoor faced at that time. It was also the first time in Inglemoor History since the Sherwood Era that Inglemoor faced air forces.

Despite the odds against them, Inglemoor managed to defeat the superior forces which allowed them to gain an air and navy base, strengthening the army by at least 300 percent.

Historians say that this battle was the main reason Inglemoor grew to be a world power due to the influence, resources and territory it gained after its victory. This battle allowed them to withstand the forces of the LCPs, who, led by Headphones guy, sent a massive invasion in South Seattle controlled GOE. Inglmoor's land and sea supremacy allowed it to hold the advancing LCP forces for enough time for them to set up a counterattack that eventually defeated the LCPs in the Battle of Ballard.