At basic green box, we are passionate about many things; how we service our customers, our timeless sense of style, the ideas we present to you and the quality of our products. It is our passion of these elements that always moves us forward to bring you creative ideas and products for your home and lifestyle, and our company reflects this dedication.

home & garden accessories and craft Projects Edit

We want your friends to say "ooohh, ahhh, did you really make that"? This is how basic green box was started. Friends would constantly comment on the house decor, the craft projects we had made and our packaging. It is the use of these creative elements that inspired us to bring them to you. We are practical people, however and follow these rules:

Rule #1: Projects should be simple to make and turn out great. (We like to trick people into thinking we bought it - it adds nicely to the "ooohhh" factor).

Rule #2: We are busy people. Our project crafts are designed for the non-crafter with specific step-by-step instructions and average project completion times.

Rule #3: Despite the creative desire to make projects, who has time to run all over to get the supplies? So we do it for you. (See Rule #2).

So, you get to make the projects. We just help a little.

Inspired by the basic elements of design, the creativity to do it yourself and the creation of warm living spaces, basic green box brought you timeless home and garden accessories and project crafts nationwide through our online catalog.

Inspired to inspire you in person, we bring you basic green box the store. Tucked away in the West Seattle Admiral district is a fresh approach to home decor and accessories staying true to our unique basic style using colors, great texture and simple décor.

We offer many unique pieces in the store, from one of a kind accessories, to hip and stylish furniture, to many of the items you can find and order through our catalog site.

Our craft room is a simple but well designed work area at the back of the store where we like to get creative about everything we do! We invite you to visit us today, wander around, have a seat, enjoy the garden fountain or join us for a project craft class in our craft room.

Be sure to add yourself to our mailing list for special in-store offers and craft schedules by visiting [] and submitting your info under catalog/mailing!

Location: basic green box 3407 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116 206.932.3560

Hours: Tue - Sat: 11am - 6pm Sun noon - 5pm (Closed Monday’s)

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