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This web page is for collecting information about how Bainbridge Island and the surrounding area can prepare for a future without oil.

I hope to collect community knowledge about survival skills, agriculture, sustainable communities, and specific plans for how we, as a community in the Pacific Northwest, can plan for the post-oil era.

Please add links in the following categories (and add more categories if you need to):

Information about the post-oil era[]


This section contains links to interviews with people knowledgeable about the coming oil crash.

Sustainable Living[]

  • Sustainable Seattle - I haven't yet found a whole lot of real information on this site, but it is a group in Seattle, so I wanted to list it here.
  • Walkable Communities - this group isn't Seattle based, but they have a ton of great information on the site.

Survival Skills[]

Seattle based[]

  • Wolf Camp - this is a Seattle-based group that teaches outdoor and survival skills


Community Planning[]