Metro Transit route 48 serves the neighborhoods of Loyal Heights, Greenwood, Cowen Park, Ravenna Park, University District, Montlake, Capitol Hill, Columbia City, and Rainier Beach. It runs frequently on weekdays and weekends. On a few weekday trips, it runs as an express, making limited stops between Greenwood and the University District. Diesel buses and hybrid diesel/electric buses are used on route 48. It connects with many other routes.

Route 48 makes stops along NW 85th Street, Wallingford Avenue N, NE Ravenna Boulevard, NE 65th Street, 15th Avenue NE, NE Pacific Street, Montlake Boulevard, 23rd Avenue, Ranier Avenue S, Martin Luther King Jr Way S, and S Henderson Street.

Route 48 stops at The University of Washington, Garfield High School, Franklin High School, and Rainier Beach High School.

Route 48 stops at The University of Washington Medical Center and Husky Stadium. It stops at Seattle Public Library Montlake Library and Douglass-Truth Branch. It stops at Green Lake (except for express trips).

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