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Metro Transit route 3 is nearly identical to route 4, except for its terminal points on either end of the route. In fact, Metro's timetables list routes 3 and 4 together. Route 3 is a very popular route, always busy, and uses electric trolley buses most of the time.

At its northern end, route 3 terminates at Rogers Park, on W Raye Street, between 1st Avenue W and 2nd Avenue W, on north Queen Anne.

Route 3 follows Boston Street and Taylor Avenue N, on the east side of Queen Anne Hill. It stops at Seattle Center on 5th Avenue N.

It follows 3rd Avenue through Belltown and Downtown, stopping a few blocks from Pike Place Market and Seattle Public Library Central Library.

It turns up James Street onto First Hill, stops at Harborview Medical Center at 9th Avenue, and follows E Jefferson Street. It stops at Providence Medical Center.

Route 3 then turns onto 21st Avenue, E Cherry Street, 34th Avenue, and then terminates at 34th Avenue and E Union Street, before starting the route again.