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      <page pageid="3304" ns="0" title="Re-bar">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">'''Re-bar''' [] is a bar, nightclub and theatre between downtown and Capitol Hill.

Some events:
*[[Flammable]], Seattle's longest-running house night, every Sunday
*[[Seattle Spelling Bee]], first Mondays
*[[Brown Derby Series]], comedic live re-enactments of cult classics
*[[Dina Martina]]


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      <page pageid="998" ns="0" title="Real Change">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">[[Image:Realchange-cover-oct-2003.gif|right|thumb|''Real Change'' cover, October 2003]]
''Real Change'' is a weekly Seattle-area activist publication, with a new issue out every Wednesday. It is sold by poor and homeless people in Seattle who keep 65 cents of every dollar paid. The paper focuses on issues that affect the homeless, articles on social issues like discrimination and equal oportunity, and local news and opinion.

''Real Change'' is published by the [[Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project]], a non-profit organization.

== External links ==
* [ ''Real Change'' website]
* [[Wikipedia:Real Change|''Real Change'' on Wikipedia]]

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